"V" Shape Post

XLFP - 02
"V" Shape Post Characteristic:
The appearance is V shape, convenient installation. There are some pothooks, so that the fence and post are jointed by it which makes wire mesh not be dismounted. The design is popular and easy to install, can make the fence and post structure more solid.

Surface Treatment

Using high quality metal strip, the surface working usually can be galvanized, the powder spray coating. The thickness of powders coating is 100-120 microns.

Fixing Manner

The fence matches with V shape post with the pothook of the post, and it is easy to install. Usually there is on plastic cap on the top of it.

Popular Specification

General Thickness Section specification General Height Suitable Fence
1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm 65*65mm 0.7m-2.9m Model: XLF-01
Model: XLF-02